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GOA Endorses Jim Marchant for Congress

Did you know Jim Marchant earned our endorsement at Gun Owners of America?

We’re the only NO COMPROMISE gun lobby in Washington D.C., and we want Jim Marchant on our side.

We don’t give an “A+” to just anyone.

But, Jim earned his “A+” from Gun Owners of America for his work in the Nevada State Assembly. As a legislator Jim listened to his constituents.

Jim decided to introduce Constitutional Carry after hearing from domestic abuse survivors, who need to protect themselves immediately and don’t have time to wait for the government’s permission to carry a firearm.

Jim protected the Second Amendment and used his elected office to oppose new gun control laws.

In Congress, Jim will work with Gun Owners of America to roll back unconstitutional gun laws already on the books.

He believes, with GOA and the Founding Fathers, that the Second Amendment is a safeguard of freedom and liberty.

When the anti-gunners attack Americans for defending themselves or their families, Jim Marchant will stand strong.

Gun owners nationwide are coming together this November to defend the Second Amendment at the ballot box.

Protect your rights. Vote for Jim Marchant on November 3rd.